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We all go through the storms of life. Circumstances can suddenly threaten to swallow us up with all the fury of turbulent winds and waves. But we don't need to remain helpless at the mercy of tribulation. The Bible offers the promise of the Gospel of Peace. We are taught to walk with the peace of Christ on our feet into every situation. With a cushion of peace to insulate us, we can overcome the wind tossed waves and dwell in peace.

Perpetual peace can become a reality when we accept Jesus, who is the source of true peace, and learn to allow His peace to be the umpire in life.

The Artist’s Painting of Peace

Author Unknown

The story goes that one day an artist was commissioned by a wealthy man to paint a portrait of peace. The artist perfected a serene landscape of natures glory. When he revealed his work, the man was disappointed. He said, "This isn't a picture of true peace. It isn't right. Go back and try again."

The artist went back to his studio, thought for several hours about peace, then went to his canvas and began to paint. He proudly presented the tender picture of a mother holding a sleeping baby in her arms. But again, the man refused the painting desiring an image of absolute peace.

The artist returned to his studio utterly dejected. Capturing peace was proving to be a challenging task. Finally he prayed for inspiration to paint a picture of true peace. Then, all of a sudden an idea came, he rushed to the canvas and began to paint with conviction. When he finished, he hurried to the wealthy man.

The artist held his breath as the painting was studied carefully. The wealthy man accepted the image of true peace with great joy.

What was this picture of true peace? The picture showed a violent storm at sea. The ominous black clouds were laced with streaks of lightening. Waves were churning with turmoil. At first glance it was anything but peace!

But halfway up in the cliffs by the shore, the artist had added a mother bird sitting on a nest. Snuggled safely underneath her were baby chicks. The birds experienced true peace amidst the storm that raged.

The artist's final rendition contrasted the opposition between chaos and tranquility. True peace is not the mere absence of trouble. It is allowing a higher truth to prevail when contrary facts assail.
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